Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Redline?

Who is Redline Athletics?

We're an athletic development franchise who partners with families from across the US to equip and inspire athletes to pursue their dreams by delivering a systematic sports performance training experience that is appropriate, comprehensive, safe, and FUN! Our science backed and professionally designed program was built specifically for athletes between the ages of 8 and 18.

We have 4 levels of programming to help us successfully advance those who may just be getting started as well as those who are currently considered elite. Regardless of where an athlete starts, we empower them to ensure their tomorrow is greater than their yesterday.

We currently have 50+ locations open across the US with another 30+ in development.

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What's a semi-private training session?

The cornerstone of our offering is what we call "semi-private training" that is a 60-minute session that allows your son or daughter to train alongside their contemporaries in a small group setting. This allows us to leverage games and competition to get the most out of our time together.

The coach to athlete ratio maxes out around 1:10. The reason this option is so attractive is its' affordability and the convenience in scheduling. We host semi-private sessions 6 days a week (Mon - Sat) and you'll have between 25 and 30 sessions to choose from.

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What ages does Redline work with?

Our Semi-Private program is designed for athletes ages 8 to18.

* Some Redline locations offer Intro-to-Sports, a program designed for kids ages 4 to 7

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When are Redline sessions offered?

We will offer sessions...

Monday through Friday:

4:00 to 9:00 PM


9:00 AM to 12:00PM

*Sessions start every hour on the hour

The roster is split by age and ability each class. Members are pair with the contemporaries (age and athletic).

What equipment do you use at Redline?

At Redline Athletics, our state-of-the-art facilities are equipped with medicine balls, plyo boxes, free weights, bands, sleds, and other equipment ... all strategically designed to enhance athletic performance.

Additionally, we partner with:

- Vertimax:


- Teambuilder:

- Dashr:

- Blazepod:

* We have everything your athlete needs to become Greater Than Yesterday!

Does Redline track progress?

Yes! Redline Athletics prioritizes tracking and monitoring athlete progress. Utilizing various performance assessments, we enable athletes to measure improvements in strength, speed, agility, and other key areas. Regular progress tracking is a fundamental aspect of our commitment to assisting athletes in achieving their goals and realizing their full potential.

* All progress and results (Performance Testing) can be conveniently viewed on the Redline Mobile App for enhanced accessibility.

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Do we offer sports specific skill training?

Yes! We will offer these services in the form of 1-on-1 training, Team Training, Sports Specific camps and clinics, etc.

* Information on this training will be made available after our grand opening.

How many kids are permitted in each semi-private classes?

The size of semi-private classes varies depending on the day and time, generally ranging from 5 to 20 athletes per class.

Regardless of the specific size, rest assured that your athlete will not only receive quality coaching, but will also be appropriately challenged and pushed to improve.

Where is Redline Athletics McKinney located?

The Redline Athletics TEMPORARY location is:

6151 CR 124

McKinney, TX


BRAND NEW Performance Center (opening June 2024)

8400 W University Blvd, Building C.

McKinney, TX


Coaches & Programming

What is RAPS?

Redline Athletics Programming Systems (RAPS), is our comprehensive (science-backed) training program that was designed to meet the needs of athletes of all levels. RAPS was created in collaboration with some of the best sports performance coaches in the country.

One of the unique features of RAPS is its scalability, catering to each athlete's strength and athletic level. RAPS allows athletes to progress through increasingly challenging levels as they build strength, speed, agility, and power.

What will my child focus on during the session?

- Strength

- Speed

- Power

- Mental Resilience

- Balance and Coordination

- Endurance

- Agility

- Character

- Movement Efficiency

- Confidence

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What does a typical 60-minute Semi-Private Session Consist of?

- Minute (Dynamic Warm-Up w/ Muscle Activation )

During the first 10 minutes we'll warm the athletes up, which can consist of foam rolling, dynamic movement, and muscle activation.

- Athleticism (Speed, Agility, & Movement Efficiency )

Speed & Agility training will take up approximately 25 of the 60 minute session where we will we work on linear speed, acceleration, deceleration, change of direction, reaction time, and explosiveness with an overlaying emphasis on optimal form, mechanics, and technique.

- Strength (Resistance training w/ Conditioning )

We will spend 20 minutes on developing strength in our athletes. Depending on age and ability this may mean band work, weighted balls, and bodyweight movements. For our more advanced athletes, this may include barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, and weighted sled work.

- Recovery (Flexibility & Mobility )

The final 5 minutes is dedicated to mobility and/or cool down.

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What kind of results will my athlete achieve?

At Redline Athletics, the results your athlete achieves in our training program depend on their commitment and consistency, with a strong emphasis on year-round training. Regular attendance and dedication lead to transformative improvements in speed, agility, strength, and power.

Our focus on mechanics and technique enhances overall performance. Achieving measurable results is directly tied to the frequency and consistency of your athlete's participation in our program.

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How often should my child train each week?

For optimal results, we suggest attending 2-3 times or more per week. While even 1 session per week can show improvement, it's essential to highlight that consistency is key.

The results your athlete experiences will directly correlate with their visit habits and commitment to regular training.

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Is it safe for my athlete to start strength training?

Yes, it is safe for all athletes, including youth, to start strength training. Based on the scientific literature and expert guidance, incorporating age-appropriate strength training into an athlete's routine is not only safe but also beneficial for their overall development.

At Redline Athletics, we prioritize safety, and all athletes, regardless of age, are supervised during their strength training sessions. Our programs align with current research findings, emphasizing the positive impact of structured and supervised strength training on physical well-being, performance, and injury prevention for athletes of all ages.

Will this help my athlete with their specific sport?

Absolutely! Redline Athletics sports performance training is designed to benefit athletes in any sport. Regardless of your child's specific sport, our programming is crafted to enhance overall athleticism, enabling them to move faster, become stronger, and develop increased power.

Are Redline coaches qualified/certified?

Yes, the coaches at Redline Athletics are highly qualified and experienced professionals. Our coaching staff undergoes thorough training and holds relevant certifications to ensure they provide expert guidance in sports performance training.

Membership Details

How do I purchase a Founding Membership?

20% off Founding Membership available through 6/16

Memberships can be purchased on our Redline Athletics 2.0 mobile app ...

1) Create Redline Account:

2) Download our Redline Athletics 2.0 mobile app (use one of the links below):

- iPhone :

- Google /Android:

3) Once you've downloaded our app:

- Sign into the Redline App

- Open Menu (3 horizontal lines, top left corner)

- Click Membership

- Select"BUY" Founding Membership Deposit - 20% off

... and that's it, WELCOME TO THE TEAM!!!

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How much does a Membership cost?

Our membership is known as The Weekly Flex. You have the ability to modify your membership each week via the Redline Athletics Mobile App. We base your weekly amount on usage (how many sessions attended). See below "How does the Weekly FLEX Membership work".

* These prices are discounted and only available until 6/15 ... THIS IS A TIME SENSITIVE OFFER!!!

See below our (Current - price reflects 20% off) Weekly Membership prices:

$43.99 /week - UNLIMITED (2 or more sessions) - 20% off Special Offer

*Normal rate before discount is $54.99

$28.99 /week - LIMITED (1 session) - In season, busy schedule

$4.99 /week - AWAY (0 sessions) - Vacation, busy schedule, need a break for the week

* Membership defaults to Unlimited... your card on file will charge unlimited rate. The only time you will need to do anything is if you're coming in once or pausing your child's membership for the week,

How does the weekly FLEX Membership work?

Our membership is designed to fit into every Redline's family, regardless of availability. Each week members have the opportunity to adjust access and weekly payment. This is all available on the Redline Athletics 2.0 mobile app.

If your child is attending 2 or more sessions, set your membership to Unlimited.

If your schedule allows one session, set your membership to Limited and reduce your weekly payment.

Can’t make it in at all for the week? Set your membership to Away for a small fee.

* See your location for Membership $

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What do I receive with a Founding Membership?

Founding Memberships include:

- 20% Off for life

- $1 Registration Fee (Save $168 on enrollment)

- 1 Free Week (First week of training is free - Founders week)

- 4 Week "trial" ... there is NO commitment to a Redline Membership until after your 5th week of training. Use this time to determine if Redline McKinney is the right fit for your family before agreeing to 52-Week Commitment NO RISK

- Immediate access to the Performance Center/Sessions as soon as we open

- 10 Guest Passes

Do you offer a sibling discount?

Yes we do!

2 Siblings - $5.00 off each child's weekly payment

3+ Siblings - $10.00 off each child's weekly payment

*Sibling discount is applied to Unlimited weeks only and will be honored as long as more than one sibling is a member

** Sibling discount does not stack on a Founding Membership. As a Founding Member, your discount is greater than a Sibling Discount

Does Redline have a referral promotion?

Yes, members receive $2.50 Off their weekly membership dues any time they refer a new member. There is no limit to the number of referrals you send in.


* Referral discount is applied to Unlimited weeks only and is in perpetuity.

Please share this link with your referral:

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Can I bring a friend with me if I am a member?

Absolutely! Please have them schedule a Free Trial and they can attend with your child. Additionally, if they join you'll receive a Referral Discount.

Each athlete receives 10 Buddy Pass each year to bring a friend/teammate/family member.

*See FAQ above about Referral Promotion

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How do I book a semi-private class once I am a member?

Sessions are scheduled in the Redline Athletics 2.0 mobile app

* Click BOOK to view available days and times

What to Expect - Free Trial Session

How early should my athlete arrive for their first Redline training session (Free Trial)?

We ask that Free Trials arrive 15-minutes prior to the start of their session to check-in to class, go over your athletes goals, and introduce your athlete to their Redline Coach.

What should my child bring / wear to the sessions?

Bring clothes they can easily move in, a water-bottle, and sneakers/gym shoes (no cleats allowed)

My child doesn't play sports, can they still participate in training at Redline?

Absolutely! At Redline Athletics, our training programs are not limited to athletes actively involved in sports. We welcome individuals of all backgrounds and fitness levels, including those not playing organized sports.

Our expert coaches tailor programs to suit each individual's needs, focusing on enhancing overall fitness, strength, agility, and conditioning. Whether your child is an aspiring athlete or simply looking to improve their physical well-being, they can benefit from our comprehensive training programs at Redline Athletics.

What if my son/daughter is feeling insecure about coming?

Each hour caters to a wide spectrum of athletes at different parts of their development journey. Prior to their first time, young athletes can tend to spend an unhealthy amount of time focusing on who else the class will be comprised of. Comparison can rob us of all the positives at hand which is why we make it a point to help the athletes focus simply on improvement. Our goal to help your son or daughter to be the BEST at getting better. When this becomes the focus, the sky's the limit!

Can parents stay during the session?

Yes! We do have a parents viewing area and we encourage parents to observe the sessions if the choose to do so. You will not have direct visibility for the performance center floor from the Parents Area, but we will have TV's live streaming the session.

*Parents are ONLY required to attend the FREE trial, otherwise feel free to drop off your child for the session